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Agile Cockpit

Simple, intuitive and powerful Agile Management Tool
  • Share files or photo’s in real time in the dashboard
  • Plan your sprint and release with the backlog management feature
  • Update on daily work with the task board
  • Share and capture new ideas in icebox
  • Organize and record your daily standup
  • Track and report on progress with the KPI’s and burn down charts
  • Give feedback on the sprint in the retrospective feature

Share, Exchange, Plan, Manage, Report, Track, and Organize. The team is the most important element in any Agile process. Agile Cockpit offers everything a team needs to work together, especially when these teams work in more than one location. Features like the live video feed and the recording of the Daily standup, help to decrease the idea of distance. All data in Agile Cockpit is in real time so that every team member is up to date every second of the day. Collaboration between teams becomes stronger with Agile Cockpit.
One image tells you more than a thousand words. Agile Cockpit provides clear dashboards that give you a visual idea of the progress of the team, the current status and other KPI’s. With the Release burn down you are also aware of the Release date that you can expect based on your backlog. With the burn downs of Agile Cockpit it’s easy to track, report, and manage your sprint. Visibility of teams expand with Agile Cockpit.
Getting it done! Backlog management is easy with Agile Cockpit. Create and manage Epics, Stories, and Tasks. Do you work with TFS? Just hook up your backlog and you can manage your backlog through Agile Cockpit. All data is in Real Time, so your process becomes more effective. Stakeholders are also able to look into the backlog, task board and KPI’s to get a clear view of what the team is doing. Powerful planning is done with Agile Cockpit.
Get ahead of the GAME. Unique in Agile Cockpit is the Release forecast feature. Based on the information in your backlog we offer you a very easy way to see if you will be able to get your release done in time. Especially when the business priorities keep on changing, Agile Cockpit lets you stay in charge of your release. In just one view you know what actions to take to get your release successfully done. Predicting becomes easy with Agile Cockpit.
sprint review
Achieve more, by being more effective. In retrospect you always learn what to do better next time. To capture, collect and facilitate the feedback process of the team Agile Cockpit offers the Retrospective feature, Sprint Review, and the Agile Maturity Check. These features  help the team to get better every sprint! Improve every sprint with Agile Cockpit.​



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