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Agile Cockpit

Simple, intuitive and powerful Agile Management Tool
  • Share files or photo’s in real time in the dashboard
  • Plan your sprint and release with the backlog management feature
  • Update on daily work with the task board
  • Share and capture new ideas in icebox
  • Organize and record your daily standup
  • Track and report on progress with the KPI’s and burn down charts
  • Give feedback on the sprint in the retrospective feature
Live video feed
Recording stand up
Advanced KPIs
Live video feed
The Video App allows you to see a live video feed straight from your distributed team. This is a an optional functionality that helps to increase transparency and team bonding, which fits straight into Cockpit’s philosophy of putting individuals and interactions above anything else.
Recording stand up
The Daily standup App allows you to record and share your standup with other stakeholders of the project. This way people who weren’t able to attend the meeting can review everything that has been said at a later point in time and stay informed of the days plans.
Advanced KPIs
The Key Performance Indicators App provides a number of metrics that you can use to check how your agile teams are performing. You can also see the trend of these KPI’s over a range a sprints so you can keep track of the progress of your teams. The KPI App shows four important KPI\’s across sprints for an agile team namely – Velocity, Reliability, Quality and Process Efficiency
Dashboard is very similar to the dashboards you are used to from, for example, your car: it gives you a quick overview of the status of all the different components that together ensure the whole is working properly. The Dashboard shows a summary of the most important information from individual Apps, for example basic Burndown statistics or the defect count of a product. 


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Release Forecasting and Tracking in Agile Part-2

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